Exploring Madbit

Lately, more and more companies ask us for information about the Madbit District or, directly, ask us to help them find a new location for their company in that area. Given the interest it is arousing, we have decided to answer all the questions that have been raised, through this blog entry.

The Madbit Association, as literally reflected on its website, was established with the main objective of “transforming the Julián Camarillo area into an innovative productive district, equipped with excellent infrastructures that offer modern, technological and flexible spaces in Madrid.” The objective is to attract, through innovation, investment, consequently generating new jobs.

The Madbit district has a list of high-level companies and the hand of investment partners such as Freo, Bouygues Inmobiliaria, Realia, Therus or Torre Rioja. Also funds such as Iba Capital, Barings, Patrizia or Meridia Capital, whose founder Javier Faus is the president of the association. Some international real estate consultants also belong to the entity.

Madbit seeks to become the new business ‘hub’ in Spain. To get an idea, it includes Vofafone, Telefónica, TSystemss, Indra, ITC Iberica, ComputaCenter, Sal Capgemini, Atos, Hp and Sage, Roche and L’Oreal, among others. The ambition of the partners is to create a kind of Silicon Valley in Madrid.

This could become a reality because one of the great advantages of the area is its fiber optic capacity, much greater than that of most of the city and an essential requirement for those companies that need to manage a high volume of data. The district also has the advantage of being surrounded by the M-30, M-40 and A2 highways, in addition to being located very close to Ifema and Barajas airport.

And how is the district? Madbit is a mixed district in which integrated tertiary activity predominates with a mostly industrial use and certain residential areas. It is surrounded by two historic gardens, the Quintas de los Molinos and Torre Arias, as well as El Paraíso Park. Specifically:

165 hectares
183,845 m2 built
464,135 m2 tertiary
805 m2 industrial
004 m2 residential
7 subway stations
4 Data Centers
3 parks

Fuente: Madbit.es


Although all the actions and investments carried out to date in the Madrid hub have been very relevant, a public injection of funding has been called for some time now to guarantee mobility and accessibility and gradually reduce the industrialization of the area and thereby increasing demand.

The owners have formed the Madbit association for this purpose and commissioned Arup engineering for a project that was already transferred to the Madrid City Council. Among other measures, they request the creation of the Madbit District Comprehensive Rehabilitation Agency. Arup’s report proposes to finance part of the project from European Next Generation funds.

What do we believe in Adventum? That it is a growing area that is increasingly being demanded by technology companies.

If you are looking for your office on Madbit, access our search engine and locate all the locations in the Julián Camarillo area or by drawing your search.