Why locate my office in the North of Madrid?

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Madrid Nuevo Norte will house a unique and avant-garde business center that has nothing to envy to the international financial districts. The project contemplates the construction of three new towers, which will alter the skyline of the capital. The tallest tower is expected to reach 300 meters in height. This will achieve modern, flexible, sustainable and efficient work spaces that meet the needs of companies now and in the future.

An office space that also has one of the best communications networks in the world. Madrid Nuevo Norte will include the improvement and extension of Metro line 10, with the creation of three new stations and the new Chamartín underground transport interchange. Likewise, Adif will be in charge of the covering, together with the start-up, of the railway complex of the Chamartín Station or the Fuencarral Cercanías station.

It should be noted that Madrid Nuevo Norte has become the first project in Europe to obtain two of the most prestigious sustainability pre-certificates in the world. Specifically, it has obtained the LEED for Communities Plan and Design seal with a “Gold” level and the BREEAM ES Urbanism 2020 certificate.

In the words of Álvaro Aresti, president of the Castellana Norte District (DCN), “This recognition highlights all the efforts that DCN, as well as its shareholders and all the administrations and public companies that promote the project, are making in Madrid Nuevo Norte , aware of the opportunity that this action represents to promote a new model of sustainable urbanism in the city and in the region of Madrid”.

Madrid Nuevo Norte, considered the main urban development project in the Spanish capital, arose from the need to integrate the Chamartín station and all the railway facilities that depart from it into the city. As a result of this, the Chamartín district is undergoing a profound transformation.

The urban operation includes the construction of one million residential square meters and just over one and a half million square meters for offices. In total, some 10,500 homes will be built, of which around 20% will enjoy some type of protection. The burying of the track area of ​​the Chamartín Station (200,000 m2) that divides the north of the city in two, “separating neighborhoods and hindering mobility”, will allow the construction of a large 13-hectare central park. The Central Park It will be a unique green space, both for its location and for the urban landscape and skyscrapers that will surround it. Trees up to 15 meters high will be planted in plantation areas with up to 1.5 meters of fertile land. This “new lung green for all” will house a bike lane of more than 13 kilometers and pedestrian walkways.

The last section of Paseo de la Castellana, the tunnel connecting Paseo de la Castellana with Fuencarral and the North and Fuencarral junctions will also be remodelled.

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