Feng Shui on your desktop

Surely you have ever heard of Feng Shui and thought that it is some kind of oriental decoration, but nothing is further from the truth; It really is a philosophy based on finding balance and bringing positive energy to the places we occupy.

Perhaps it is somewhat daring to transfer this philosophy to your workplace, however, the reality is that organization and order directly affect the way we work and, of course, the results we obtain.

If you have ever tried to locate a document and you have not been able to or if you have spent a year with the same papers on the table, this article is for you, order your table and your mind in five simple steps.

Space optimization.

Remove everything that is useless and takes up unnecessary space, from old documents to the paper punch you only use twice a year. Have on hand only what is useful to you in your day to day, everything else can be discarded or stored in a drawer.

Classification and file.

Now that you have practically left your table empty, you will wonder what you can do with everything you do use. Get a document classifier where you can order by subject, priority or time and file them. With this simple method it will be easier for you to find the necessary documents at all times.


Create spaces for each thing, that is, give a specific place to all the objects that flood your table. Divide office supplies into drawers or boxes. Use desk organizers to store your chargers or stapler.


Use decoration elements or colors that you like to make you feel at home. Plants, a personalized calendar or a nice pencil holder.


Have your agenda, calendar or planner close at hand. It is useless to have a desk worthy of Marie Kondo if you do not order or schedule your tasks. Schedule all your events, create daily tasks, spend 5 minutes before starting the day to write down everything you have or should do.


We are sure that once you have applied these steps you will feel more comfortable with your workspace and everything will be easier for you. At Adventum we apply our own advice and our perception has changed, what before could cause concern is now a simple task. Dare to discover it!