Past and present united in a single neighborhood

Today we want to share a little story that ends with a happy ending… between chocolates and stately offices with high ceilings, to be exact.
Namely. Both Francisco and Santa have grown up and have always lived in the Chamberí neighbourhood. This neighborhood exudes an aristocratic air and is historically one of the best valued in the capital. At the same time, it has an enormous social, leisure and cultural life, combining tradition with a cosmopolitan character.
While Santa was attending ICADE University, she shared battles with her friend Carmen Capote, who also lived in the same neighborhood, and continues to do so today.
Both have linked the university period with her work stage, she making artisan chocolates at @ 24onzasbycarmencapote, and Santa at Adventum, advising companies looking for office rental specialists.
Both feel the same love that they felt for this neighborhood years ago, for its charm and its picturesque surroundings, and that is why they continue to bet on continuing to attract their clients here.
In fact, it seems that large hoteliers and corporations have taken notice of their initiatives to add even more value to what they already do.
Carmen, for her part, now prepares artisan chocolates for the Hotel Santo Mauro (among others), and at Adventum we serve companies such as Infinity Media, which has just set up its headquarters in a classic building in the Chamberí neighborhood thanks to our help. Specifically, a beautiful mansion has been installed in Españoleto 17 that preserves its original structure and stands out for its high ceilings (4 mm high). They are the exponent of the symbiosis between the classical structure, modern reform and a leading activity such as media strategy.
We hope to be able to inspire those who are committed to specializing with our example.
Specialization is always an added bonus and is hard to find, something that both small and medium-sized and large companies appreciate when they need our specific help, don’t you think? If you think we can help you, do not hesitate to find out more about us.😉