Zero Waste Offices

Zero Waste literally translated into Spanish means zero waste, but what does this term really mean?

The purpose of this movement is to reduce as much as possible the waste and garbage that we generate on a daily basis in our jobs; our current lifestyle is characterized by immediacy and comfort, these two factors greatly influence the amount of waste that we can generate.

From the plastic cup that we have only used a minute to the coffee capsules that are stacked in a corner of the office, we generate endless waste along the way, but have you ever stopped to think what you could avoid or how sustainable? is it your workspace?

Bea Johnson (one of the biggest promoters of the Zero Waste movement) a few years ago set out to reduce the waste generated by her family and reflected all her experience in her book Zero Waste Home, a philosophy that follows the 5-R rule and that without We can certainly apply in the office.

Reject everything that we do not need and that generates waste that we cannot recycle.

Reduce what we need, that is, possess only what is truly necessary.

Reuse by changing disposable products for reusable ones or repairing everything that is damaged, thus extending the useful life of the products.

Recycle everything that we cannot reject, reduce or reuse.

Rot composting the inevitable organic waste.

Surely, consciously or unconsciously, some of these “r’s” are already applying them, but we also leave you some very easy-to-follow tips that will help you achieve your purpose.

Use reusable bottles and cups.
Place hand dryers in the bathroom instead of paper dispensers.
Promote a second life for the products we do not use by selling or donating them.
Bring food from home in specially designed reusable containers.
Change the conventional capsule coffee machine for one that is reusable or without them.
Print only what is necessary.
Use tablets and computers to read and display information.

By following these steps in a short time it is possible to become a Zero Waste office. Join the change!