Get to know the Renazca project

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The name AZCA is the acronym for Mixed Compensation Association of Block A of the Commercial Zone of Avenida del Generalísimo (current Paseo de la Castellana). AZCA was born as a large pedestrianized office complex, with underground vehicle traffic and a train station, Nuevos Ministerios. Its execution was included in the General Urban Planning Plan of Madrid (Plan Bidagor), in 1946. In this plan new cultural facilities were even foreseen, such as the Opera House, a library and a botanical garden, which were never built.

Its execution did not begin until 1968 – that is, 12 years after its approval – and it is done following the project of the architect Antonio Perpiñá, who, in turn, was inspired for its design in the Rockefeller Center in New York. However, over the years, some problems of the complex began to become apparent, mainly due to the lack of cultural offer and the non-residential nature of the area, with an abundance of offices, which meant that, both due to the Evenings like weekends, it was an inhospitable and unpopulated architectural complex, which conveyed a great sense of security. This feeling of insecurity was also increased by Azca’s own architectural appearance: nooks, slopes or passageways that make up its skeleton and encourage begging, criminal activities or drinking bottles.

The goal of renazca, as defined on its website, is to turn AZCA into a space that is always active, full of life and people who make it a stimulating place that people want to return to. There is no doubt that AZCA is one of the most emblematic districts of Madrid. Its extension covers 19 hectares and has prime office buildings, such as the Torre Picasso or the Torre Europa. And also with two large shopping centers, EL Corte Inglés de Castellana and Moda Shopping, which provide commercial traffic and “give life” to the area.

The rehabilitation project includes a large green meadow capable of hosting outdoor activities that can be attended by between 200 and 10,000 people. This meadow will be illuminated in winter with an artificial sun and in the summer months it will have a large disk 22 meters in diameter that rotates to generate a large shadow.

The revitalized public space will integrate 15 “urban rooms”. Each of them will host an activity that provides the place with the activity that it lacks 24 / h, 365 days a year. Among the planned activities are a flea market and tapas garden, a play area for all ages, an open-air library, a sculpture garden, cafes and bars, a greenhouse, among others.

In conclusion, renazca will create a unique social, economic and cultural meeting space in the heart of the financial district of the city of Madrid.