What will the workers of the future look like?

The world and societies have undergone constant and continuous change, but today they occur so quickly that it is sometimes difficult for us to adapt.

As we have mentioned in other articles on this blog, office spaces, relationships with suppliers, with clients and a long etcetera are changing. The way in which we work and that companies expect of us are no less and although at a different pace they are also doing it.

The pandemic has forced us to change our plans and reinvent ourselves, but has it changed us as workers? In the opinion of human resources experts, companies seek aptitudes and abilities that are very different from those we were used to. Here are some of the new skills that could become in demand in the very near future.

Ability to make sense and innovate

The worker of the future must be able to perform tasks that machines cannot, to give added value. Detect the meaning and identify the processes to create a unique vision.

Adaptive thinking

They will have to provide solutions and answers beyond what is stipulated or known processes.

Technological thinking

At the time we live it is an almost essential requirement, but at the rate that new technologies are developed in the future it will be unthinkable that workers do not have this type of skills.

Communicative and collaborative capacity.

New technologies and the ability to connect remotely have fostered international teams, so knowing how to move in different cultural settings can earn extra points in our future resume.

Manage cognitive load.

The ability to analyze and discriminate information will be essential for the worker of the future, he must know how to maximize it using a wide variety of techniques.

Technological literacy.

It will be essential to increase competitiveness and productivity, since its fundamental principle is to develop knowledge in relation to the information and data that companies can have.

Social Intelligence

In a world that is getting colder and colder in terms of work relationships and in which everything is more computerized, the worker of the future must develop their social intelligence in order to establish bonds of trust with their team.

At Adventum we are committed to new technologies, but we firmly believe that our human team is what makes the difference.