Adventum changes offices for a day: the commendable work of the Daughters of Charity

The other day, surfing the internet, we found a very illustrative drawing. The drawing represented four people in a boat. The boat had a hole in the bow and two of the men, standing there, were struggling to bail out the water. Meanwhile, in the stern, two other sailors watched the scene and congratulated themselves that the hole was not at the end of the boat without realizing that, when bailing the water became impossible, all four would sink.

This is the first meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility. Without awareness that we are a society and that we are interconnected, there will be no progress and we will end up sinking. It is important to contribute and create synergies simply, because we are a whole dependent on each other. The economy, business, evolution … is a cluster of interconnections and, as we have seen in the pandemic, we all start the engine and, when only one of the parts slows down or stops, the rest do the same . At Adventum we believe that as a company we are not independent from the rest, but rather that we are responsible for our environment, and we want it to be positive not only for us, but also for our clients and the rest of society.

According to the INE, 26.4% of the population is at risk of social exclusion. It is a chilling figure. We alone cannot end this reality, but we can approach it and try to do our bit. For this reason, last October 21 we approached the House of the Little Sisters of Charity in General Martínez Campos. They are our neighbors in Chamberí and, for those of you who do not know, they are the only soup kitchen that remained open during the cruelest moments of the pandemic in Madrid. This circumstance meant that, during those months, the number of meals and welfare provisions doubled. When you get there, you are humbled. Sister Josefa, who directs it, is dedicated to her mission with a charisma and a joy that are not of this world. Her work is not just that of a soup kitchen. They also have a day center, a reception center, reintegration flats and social support flats. In case you are curious we leave you the following link.

We asked them what they needed to be able to serve the families who come to them and they gave us a list of basic products so that we could collaborate. We schedule a time during office hours to go to the supermarket together and, to the best of our ability, we have tried to fill the carts with what is most essential for them. Now that Christmas is approaching, it is a good time to reflect on how to celebrate it and whether it is possible to dedicate part of our time and resources to subtracting it from our benefit and to collaborate with a cause as altruistic as this one.

Corporate social responsibility is not the heritage of large corporations. SMEs that are lucky enough to be in contact with our employees and customers many times can do a lot both internally (in our own organization) and externally. The path is done by walking and every step counts. From Adventum we encourage you to learn more about our initiatives to create a sense of society and we thank you for trusting us and helping us move forward.