Plants in the office: Everything you need to know

Plants in the office are a source of inspiration but also of calm. People who are surrounded by plants can recover more quickly from adverse situations that produce stress. In fact, it is proven that, by introducing plants in the office, a 37% reduction in tension and anxiety is achieved.

The benefits of having plants in the office are manifold. For example, they help regulate the humidity of the environment, which directly affects our feeling of comfort. A drop in humidity causes fatigue, respiratory problems and discomfort with the environment. Simply by adding a plant, it is possible to stabilize this value and provide a more comfortable space.

In addition, the introduction of green areas in the office increases the concentration of people who work in front of a computer. In figures, concentration and cognitive capacity can increase in a range of 10 or 15%. The sensation of breathing pure air enhances our energy and feeling of well-being. And, in open spaces, in addition, the existence of plants contributes to alleviate environmental noise by 5db.

When choosing which plants will decorate our office, it is essential that we evaluate both the space we have and the light we have. If the light is scarce, we do not have to give up having plants, but we do have to choose them appropriately so that they do not require a high demand for light. In addition, decoration is important, because a sober environment admits flowering plants and other varieties of color that, in a lavishly decorated environment, can be garish. Another aspect to take into account is the aroma. Not all smells support the same aromas and it is not advisable to mix them either. If we choose a plant with aroma we must take into account the olfactory tastes of the office workers.

Taking into account all these premises, the most popular plants to decorate offices are:

  • La Sansevieria (Tiger’s Tongue). Extremely demanding when it comes to the sun, but not when it comes to watering. It is one of NASA’s purifying plants.
  • Potho: Suitable for little care and highly decorative. Not very demanding with light, but irrigation must be controlled.El potus una de las plantas de interior favoritas - EsJardineria.com | Plantas de interior resistentes, Vinagre para las plantas, Plantas de interior
  • Cactus: Ideal for its variety and resistance. They are very decorative, small and simple and, best of all, they require almost no watering, nor are they delicate with light.
  • Aloe Vera: A perfect balance between little care and enormous decorative capacity.ALOE VERA Planta, Aloe, diámetro de la maceta: 12 cm - IKEA

At Adventum we have decorated the office with plants on each table. At the entrance of the office we have a wonderful vertical garden designed and implemented by the friends of La Aldea Vivero. We deeply appreciate the work of this special employment center and the social focus of its services. We wholeheartedly hope to continue collaborating on new and incredible projects as part of our corporate social responsibility. Get to know it!