Ventilation against Covid

Before COVID-19 came into our lives, air conditioning and ventilation systems were just those “devices” that provided us with cold air in summer and warm in winter. At the present time, they are essential to win the battle against the disease.covid-oficinas-adventum

To understand the importance of having an adequate air conditioning system and good ventilation in our work spaces, it is essential to be clear about how COVID-19 is transmitted.

There are mainly two routes of infection:

Direct contact with surfaces contaminated with secretions of an infected individual and that through our hands reaches our mucous membranes or conjunctiva.
Transmission by respiratory droplets (aerosols).

Aerosols are small particles that remain suspended in the air when a person breathes, speaks, sings, coughs, etc. … to avoid their concentration it is essential to keep closed spaces ventilated, in addition to complying with the rest of the measures established by the Authorities Sanitary.

This form of contagion is the most frequent and for this reason it is so important to promote good ventilation.


Natural ventilation.

Open windows and doors, preferably opposite, to promote cross ventilation.

Mechanic ventilation.

Maximize the amount of outside air supplied and reduce the amount of recirculated air.


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