Pet friendly workspaces

Lately, companies that are looking for an office with us demand, more and more, work spaces where they can take their pets. For many of them, having their pet around increases their productivity while giving them serenity and concentration on the task.

In mixed office buildings, that is, those in which work and residential spaces coexist, taking your pet is not an inconvenience unless the office lease specifies otherwise. However, in exclusive office buildings, especially those that have access control, it will be necessary to comply with what is provided in the building regulations and, in the absence of a specific provision, it will be necessary to request the corresponding authorization from the owner.

As a curiosity, recently, we had to “register” the pet of the CEO of one of our tenant companies in the building’s access control with the corresponding canine chip number, for identification purposes. As if it were just another worker!

If your company chooses to be “pet friendly”, it must decide whether pets are allowed to stay with their owners during the working day or even move around the space with some freedom, or on the contrary, bet on specific rooms or spaces where they must remain. , “Pet zones”. It is important that the rules are clear and the pets know how to respect them, as well as that the space allows them to comply with them. It is proven that pets can improve not only personal performance but also work atmosphere and consequently increase productivity. But for this they have to be a harmonious coexistence.

So now you know, if you need help finding your pet friendly office, contact us and we will get to work. We have more than 300 “pet friendly” offices available.