Location and services. Keys to choosing an office

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a new workspace, however, there are two that turn out to be key and they are location and services.

Making a bad decision in either of these two aspects can result in a lack of productivity, loss of talent, etc.


Why is location so important?

A good location can help us position our business and give it visibility, in addition to increasing the productivity of our workers or fostering business relationships.

It is important to take into account where most of our workers reside, making it easier to get to their job and reducing the time they spend traveling, in this way we will achieve a more motivated workforce. Motivation is closely linked to how clients are treated and to productivity.

Currently workers value very positively short trips to get to their job, according to various surveys, it would have almost the same importance as salary.

If we have to receive visits from clients, it is essential to look for an office preferably central and well connected by both public and private transport. In this way we can encourage meetings and prevent setbacks.

Linked to location would be the services offered by the area. Assessing the profile of our workers can give us an idea of ​​what type of services they need. Kindergartens or nearby schools promote the reconciliation of family and work life.

If we receive visits from abroad, it is interesting to have nearby accommodation services that facilitate the reception of clients, as well as colleagues from other venues.

In short, studying what services our workers demand, what is our way of working and with whom we do it, where our clients come from will help us to make a map of the ideal area for us.

If you are thinking of changing your location, contact us, we have more than 1,000 offices waiting for you.