How to create a good workspace?

According to the statistics, in our workplace we spend an average of nine hours and nineteen minutes, of which we work a real active time of seven hours and 12 minutes, hence the importance of creating spaces that integrate the organizational culture and corporate identity of each company with an atmosphere of comfort. And how do we achieve this? Properly designing the workspace (see also open-plan offices).

– With large and differentiated work areas and rest areas.

– Taking care of cleaning, lighting, ventilation and ensuring a temperature that is pleasant for everyone.

– When choosing the color of the walls, make sure that your office has tones that reflect what you want your brand to communicate and what you intend to convey to the workers. For example, greens or blues convey harmony and productivity; red is great for attention to detail; yellow is 100% energetic and pink tends to bring peace. Complement them with corporate or teamwork messages that convey strength and optimism. For this, the use of vinyl can be useful.

– Providing the office with green areas. Plants reduce stress and help us recharge energy. In addition, they are a decorating resource that detracts from the office.

– Optimizing spaces by providing them with innovative technology and techniques that facilitate daily work. This can be extended to areas reserved for rest, for example, with coffee or vending machines.

With these simple tricks you will optimize the productivity of your organization while improving the day-to-day life of your team. If you also need to find the ideal space for your company, we are at your disposal to help you.