Ergonomics at work

The Royal Spanish Academy defines ergonomics as “Study of the adaptation of machines, furniture and utensils to the person who regularly uses them, to achieve greater comfort and efficiency”.

When we talk about ergonomics at work, we are talking about all the knowledge based on scientific studies used to improve systems, products and environments that adapt to the physical and mental capacities and limitations of each worker (Link we miss going to the office ).

If after the working day you feel muscular discomfort, fatigue, headache, etc … perhaps you should ask yourself if your workspace is ergonomic, but what should we take into account?


Currently we spend most of the working day sitting, for this reason a suitable chair could be our best ally to prevent back or neck pain derived from poor posture. These types of chairs have all kinds of adjustments in the backrest, armrests etc … and are adapted to the needs of each user.

The desk, although we cannot consider it an ergonomic piece of furniture, is another fundamental piece. It is important to have a large tabletop, which allows you to place the computer in front of you and leaves space to take notes or perform other tasks comfortably.

An auxiliary storage unit will allow you to configure your workspace and have all kinds of documents at hand without having to make sudden movements or change your position.

mobiliario ergonomia


If we have adequate furniture, but we neglect our posture, we would be wasting these resources. To avoid injury, it is important to keep your head up, look straight ahead most of the time, place the monitor about an arm’s length away, keep your hands in line with your forearm, and keep your back straight with your feet firmly supported.



Light is one of the most important elements, because if it is not adequate, it can cause problems such as visual fatigue, migraines, etc. …

The type of light must be cold produced by LEDs and come from above, we must avoid working against the light, as well as with scarce or too abundant natural light.

We can consider that we have good lighting when it is around 300 lux (lumens) approximately.

If you think that your office does not meet any of these requirements, call us or visit our website, we are sure that we can help you.