Adventum team leaves Escape Room

nitially, paying to be locked in a room may not sound like the ideal plan to carry out with your co-workers. Your freedom and that of the rest of the group depends on how quickly you are able to solve the different tests and unknowns that arise.

Willing to put ourselves to the test and discover why this type of experience has gained so many followers, we decided to live it firsthand.

After evaluating different missions, we decided to help save Doctor X.

Our friend the doctor is one of the most recognized scientists on the planet and one day he disappeared without a trace, according to our informants, he had been captured by a well-known criminal organization that seeks treasures and secrets and then sold them. The doctor was the only person who knew the secret ingredient in a revolutionary shampoo. Adventum’s mission was to get this ingredient and thus be able to free the doctor from the captors of him.

For this we had 60 minutes, the clock started and we knew that we did not have a minute to lose. Finally, logic and teamwork gave us the winning combination and we managed to free our friend the doctor.


If you want us to help you escape from the office where you are not happy, call us! We are experts.