The challenges of change

The Central Bank estimates that the GDP in Spain will grow by 6% in 2021. In this way, the pronounced dynamism of the GDP that is projected for the second half of 2021 will give rise to a “powerful” carry-over effect in 2022: the product of the economy would present an advance of approximately 5.3%. Subsequently, the rebound in Spanish economic activity would begin to moderate in 2023 between 1.6 and 2.2%. The evolution of the vaccination process, the lifting of restrictions and the aforementioned European Recovery Fund are presented as determining factors for the growth of our economy.

Facing a scenario that is not without difficulties can become a challenge if we can also see it as not without opportunities. Opportunity to carry out the digital transition in an intelligent way, promoting the efficiency of businesses in very diverse sectors. Digitization is not just reserved for large corporations. Small and medium-sized companies have also revolutionized their work systems to be able to adapt to the circumstances imposed by the Covid. And, those that haven’t, will end up doing it if they don’t want to be left behind.

At Adventum, digital innovation has allowed us to continue responding to our clients and, today, where real estate activity is regaining presence, it allows us to have work systems in place that enable our response to be not only more agile, but also more personalized .

We do not see 2020 as the year of the pandemic. We see it as the year in which we have developed a good social listening system that consists of studying social networks day by day to know what is moving in our sector and check the needs of customers that go beyond supply and demand.

With this know-how we have designed our website, implemented a search engine to optimize the concept of usability, and we have reinvented and launched our social networks in which we ask you to interact with us in order to improve your user experience.

We listen to you!