Open offices yes or no?

One of the key questions that a company must consider when selecting a workspace for its business activity is that it must not only be suitable for it, but also be attractive and comfortable for employees.

State-of-the-art offices clearly favor open space and open spaces, which not only offer the maximum benefits but are also energy efficient environments, natural light and common areas for rest or meeting, reserving the glass dividers to those cases in which it is necessary to guarantee confidentiality. In addition, this trend of open spaces aims to convey the philosophy of many corporate entities that opt ​​for a less hierarchical structure or seek to give an image of greater transparency.

When choosing, we must take into account.

1.- Open work spaces are sometimes a more fluid communication environment because communication is simpler. But for the same reason, they are sometimes a source of distractions and noise for many employees and even conflict, so it is important to design them correctly.

2.- They save space and therefore investment in rent. In recent years it is also common to implement the so-called hot tables, which the worker uses during the hours he is in the office, without being assigned to any particular employee. The financial savings are notable, but it can enliven the worker’s feeling of being “on loan” versus the feeling of belonging to the company that arises from having their own site, sometimes even decorated.

3.-They promote common and individual creativity through the flow of ideas. But sometimes the flow of ideas goes to that of rumors or accidentally a worker comes to know information that he should not have.

In conclusion, the open space, in general, enhances skills and good practices at work. But the most important thing to ensure that it is functional is to design privacy spaces for certain moments and / or areas of business activity, since open-plan offices involve continuous exposure to others, which can become uncomfortable in certain circumstances.

And remember, if you need help with the distribution and / or implementation of the workspaces, we are here to help you with the design of your office.