Types of Coworking

Each coworking space has its own identity and peculiarities, although they share common characteristics.

Currently there are types for all types of professionals, companies and tastes.

We invite you to meet them and find out if they can be for you.

Generalist Coworking.

They are the best known and also the most numerous. They are aimed at any professional, worker or company, that is, they are not specialized in any sector and it does not matter if you are an accountant or publicist, there are all possibilities. This type of center facilitates collaboration between professionals with different skills and talents, creating synergies.

Take a look at the centers we collaborate with and find out if they can be for you.

Coworking by profession.

They are aimed at professionals in the same sector or companies with similar activities, grouping them in the same space. It is usually more common in certain professions such as lawyers, photographers and designers among others. In these spaces, work is carried out in a harmonious environment and joint projects are promoted. In addition, professionals are provided with all the conditions that are required for creativity and synergies to flow.


These types of spaces are becoming more popular and frequent. They are specialized in the environment and are ideal for renewable energy and resource companies, although they are also suitable for all types of professionals and companies that carry values ​​such as sustainability.

Coworking for large companies.

Large companies dedicated to collaborative spaces offer larger and specially designed spaces for large firms with corporate decorations among other services. It is common for a large company to have a specific project in time and that it does not have enough space in its office to incorporate a new team, this type of space allows the project to be outsourced without assuming costs of an alternative location or a reform in the usual offices.

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