Advantages and disadvantages of Coworking

Surely you’ve heard the word “coworking” a lot lately, but what is it really?

They are office areas in which different professionals share the same space in which they carry out their work.

The clients of this type of space are mostly workers who do not need more than a laptop, a telephone and a good internet connection to carry out their work, however, there are other types of users with very different profiles.

If you have ever considered opting for a coworking, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages, in order to make the right decision.

Advantages of coworking

Share costs

If you are a private professional, a small company or even a large company with a specific project, it is very interesting to share expenses for basic services such as internet connection, electricity, water, air conditioning, etc.


Distributing an office, as well as wiring it, is sometimes very expensive. Choosing a coworking could save us from making a large initial outlay.


Sharing space with other companies in different sectors helps create synergies that could lead to new projects.

Space reduction.

For companies that do not hold meetings sporadically, it is very interesting to be able to rent rooms or spaces for a certain period of time. In the traditional office we would have to have that room permanently and this would entail a higher cost.

Disadvantages of coworking


When constant confidentiality is required, accessing a coworking would not be the best option, since we are talking about spaces with a lot of traffic of people.


If, due to the activity of the company, customer visits are constantly received, we can give a less representative image. Having our own independent headquarters and having it focused on our needs and tastes allows the client to create a more complete image.


If you are used to working in silence, we do not recommend opting for this type of space, as there is usually constant noise (spontaneous meetings, calls, etc. …)


In open spaces it is more difficult to concentrate, the noise mentioned above, the movement of people and a greater number of stimuli can make us unable to stay firm in our task.


The opening and closing hours of the facilities may be strict or not coincide with those of your company. If you rent a meeting room for a set period of time, you usually won’t be able to lengthen your meetings or rush through work a little longer.

If you still have doubts and don’t know whether to opt for coworking or conventional office, contact us and we will help you choose the most appropriate option for your company.