How to find offices?

In recent years, the number of inquiries and actions we carry out on a daily basis over the Internet has multiplied exponentially. The Internet has become a wonderful tool for doing anything, even searching to rent an office. At the end of the day, virtually, the advantages are very numerous, starting with the fact that it is possible to make comparisons, calculate annual prices, filter search results, view photographs of the property and even make virtual visits.

Many times we are asked if we believe that being agency consultants in the office sector is a profession with a future, taking into account, as we said, the incidence of the internet in the real estate sector and of search engines as a means of accessing assets . The answer is emphatically yes. The agent has the experience and information necessary to make the best decision. The Internet is a way of approach, of first contact, of access to information and consulting, but it is by no means a way to make decisions. Although it facilitates both a first approach, as well as an expansion of the information and support to the work of the office consultant in its relationship with the client, it does not replace the work of the consultant.

And let me explain. There are not few times when when a search is started, the company believes that it needs more meters than it needs, it does not know how to carry out a good implementation of the jobs, its priorities are not well organized, or there are geographical areas that you have never explored and they may fit your needs. Therefore, when a company accesses our office search engine and asks us about any of our properties, it gives us the opportunity to advise them on what they really need and how to get it and most importantly: where and at the most optimized cost.

This does not detract from the merit of virtuality. Internet complements. That is why we aspire to have a very powerful search engine so that our service is 360 but also that they can trust our consultants. Because our vocation is to find the ideal place for your company.

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